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Why should you or your child learn how to DJ?

Electronic Dance Music and DJs are all around us…social media, television/radio and at the top of the commercial musical world. But DJing is not just playing records, it is in fact a musical skill that is transferable to all other aspects of music.
Learning how to DJ helps not only to develop your sense of rhythm, but an understanding of how audiences respond to different types of rhythms and beats, both invaluable skills to have as a performer or composer. You will also be introduced to different types of effects which will allow you to sculpt new sounds and reveal your creativity to the audience as well as how song structures work and how to develop them for maximum effect. These aspects come together to allow you as a DJ to create a completely new audience experience in real time, which is the essence of improvisation.
All these skills translate to all other aspects of music, whether it is as a performer or composer. It broadens and deepens your knowledge and understanding of music. Since it is in a different environment than a classical music lesson, learning how to DJ can unlock a creative side of you were previously unaware of.
So why not try something a bit different, join for a taster session and discover another side of music. Prices for a beginner course start at €249
Contact us at +31-618555469 for more information.
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